Made Marion

What do you do when your best isn’t good enough?

Lady Marion of Glastonbury is going to have to figure that out, and fast. Removed from her position of power and thrust into an unwanted arranged marriage, she finds herself careening through Sherwood Forest toward the troubled town of Nottingham.

Released from the confines of her previous life, who will Marion become? A freedom fighter? A knight-at-arms? A reluctant spy? Will she help create peace in Nottingham or hasten the coming confrontation between the strict Sheriff and the rebel Robin Hood?

And will a woman who resisted marriage end up finding love where she least expects it?

Find out when you’re… Made Marion.

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A Romantic Action-Adventure

Made Marion is an otome visual novel – a romantic story primarily aimed at women and femmes, though of course all genders are welcome to play! It’s inspired by the tales of Robin Hood, but with many of its own twists.

Welcome to Avalon, an alternate-world Medieval kingdom in which humanity exists in a sometimes-uneasy balance with the mystical fae folk. Avalon’s hero-king Richard has gone missing, the nation is deep in debt from a recent war, and the commoners are agitating for more representation in government.

Step into the shoes of the proud young noblewoman Marion and guide her adventure in a richly-detailed fantasy world thick with political machinations and mystical intrigue. Decide who to trust and who to love. Can Marion make the right choices to save Nottingham from a dire fate?

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